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A Camco model G hydrogen furnace with the debind-and-sinter option

Debind and Sintering Furnaces

Debind/De-wax your MIM or 3D printed parts, and then sinter within the same furnace cycle. Finish with a bright anneal or precipitation hardening process for additional manufacturing efficiency!

Robotic autoloading furnace

Combine Two (or More) Furnace Processes in One

As the pace of the additive manufacturing industry is rapidly expanding, so does the need for machines that make easy work of previously complicated steps. Camco has been building stainless steel and inconel MIM sintering furnaces for decades, and now offers machines with the capability to debind/dewax at the same time. This same process can be used in the new field of 3D printing of powdered metals. Become a manufacturing powerhouse by combining the debinding, sintering, and bright annealing processes into a single, automatic batch furnace run.

The debind and sinter option can be added to nearly every normal machine that Camco manufacturs. Please review the specifications of our normal hydrogen equipment for a better understanding of our general sizes and capabilities.

Hydrogen Furnaces

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