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"I am very pleased with the operation of the CAMCo Model B-16 and Model J-12 furnaces that you delivered to us this past year. They work great and the braze quality is consistent and uniform. I am convinced that maintenance and operating costs of your furnaces are lower than the retort and pusher furnaces that are currently relied on."

-Jack Taylor

"The furnace is easy to use and program. They are reliable with consistent results. I think the Swing arm hoist and table are very good options. It allows us to lower our heavy rack into the top loading unit."

-Roy Roberts

The support from the CAMCo team was instrumental in achieving our ASM2750 certification. The uniformity of the chamber allows us to maximize our production. We perform several runs per day in our model J-12 furnace.

-Brett Dawson ENS Technology


CAMCO Hydrogen/Inert Furnaces

Choose from Twelve Standard Furnace Models for Your Brazing Applications

CAMCo offers a large range of standard hydrogen/inert furnace models, all equipped with the same outstanding user-friendly control features.

Such a wide choice of furnaces allows CAMCo customers to select the perfect size furnace for their applications, including small, economical units for R&D or start-up production requirements.

As production needs increase, CAMCo customers can easily move up to a larger unit and hot zone with the same easy-to-use programming features and process controls.

Automatic and User-Friendly Features

CAMCo customers prefer the ease of using a CAMCo furnace because:

  • All our furnaces are fully automatic. One button push starts the run. Automatically it will purge, process gas fill, ramp to temperature and soak, bubbler for humidification of process gas, cooldown and post purge.
  • All furnaces are ergonomically designed for friendly loading
  • All furnaces feature user friendly programming
  • Paperless Chart Recorder
  • Sight glass for calibration melts
  • Equipment on casters to roll easily into place

High Performance and Low Maintenance

CAMCo furnaces are built to last and designed for high performance and low maintenance. Only a CAMCo furnace can provide efficiency benefits like these:

  • Reliable results with superior quality controls
  • 19 Programs - 20 segments per program
  • Increased profitability from multiple runs per day
  • High yield with fewer rejected parts
  • Low maintenance and less down time

Reliability & Safety Features Protect the Operator and Equipment

Safety and reliability are always important concerns. All CAMCo furnaces include state-of-the-art safety & reliability features, including:

  • Low Coolant Flow
  • Low Gas Pressure Switches
  • Purge Assure Circuit
  • Panel Interlock
  • High Cabinet Temperature
  • Thermocouple break protection (Thermocouple burn-up) assures that heating power is removed from the furnace in the event of sensor failure
  • Overtemperature indication is read on a separate control module from the monitor thermocouple. This overtemp alarm causes the heating elements to shut down as a further backup.
  • Hydrogen is prohibited from entering the system and heating cannot begin until the chamber cover is closed, sealed and purged. At the end of a programmed run the chamber is inhibited from being opened until the work has cooled to a pre-defined safe temperature.
  • A Purge Assure Circuit provides an internally set minimum timed Nitrogen purge regardless of the program status whenever power or the program is interrupted.

CAMCo Warranty & Service Advantage

  • CAMCo has been making quality furnaces for over 25 years.
  • We provide and take pride in our impeccable service.
  • Replacement parts are stocked for immediate repair.
  • We provide the best warranty in the industry.
  • Many options available including Computer Controls, Extension Table, Cable Hoist, Dewpoint Monitor, Vacuum Purge, Tower Indicator Lights, Survey Thermocouples, etc.


CAMCo Hydrogen/Inert Furnace Models:

G Class Furnaces - Tabletop Models

CAMCo G Class furnaces are ideal for schools and R&D departments because of their small, efficient size and low power requirements.

Our Model G furnaces carry a CE marking for EU compliance.

Temperature Range: 1200° C to 2000° C
Hot Zone: 5"W x 5"H x 10"D
Frame dimensions: 36"W x 26"D x 21" H

Work Zone Size
Max Temp
6" Dia. X 10" Deep
4" Dia. X 8" Deep
4" Dia. X 8" Deep

B Class Furnaces

Useful for most applications the B Class models are true work horses. Excellent for applications ranging from wet metallizing to dry stainless steel brazing.

Temperature Range: 1200° C to 2000° C
Hot Zones from 12”Dia. x 18”H
Frame dimensions: 44"W x 28"H x 50" D

Work Zone Size
Max Temp
12" Dia. X 18" Deep
12" Dia. X 18" Deep
10" Dia. X 14" Deep
10" Dia. X 14" Deep
8" Dia. X 12" Deep

J Class Furnaces

This furnace is our largest model and is great for large items and high production of smaller products. Excellent for applications ranging from active metal brazing to clean firing electron tube parts. This furnace is available with up to a 72” tall hot zone.

Temperature Range: 1200° C to 1600° C
Hot Zone from 18”D x 30”H
Frame dimensions: 54"W x 34"D x 121" H

Work Zone Size
Max Temp
"18"" Dia. X 24"" H."
"18"" Dia. X 48"" H."
"18"" Dia. X 30"" H."