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A model G High Vacuum and Hydrogen furnace, fitted to an argon glovebox

Glovebox Furnace Systems

Add a high vacuum, inert or reducing atmosphere furnace to a new or existing glovebox. If your entire process requires very strict atmosphere control, Camco will build any front-loading furnace into a glovebox system of your choice.

Robotic autoloading furnace

Perform Your Furnace Runs Without Ever Breaking Containment

An ideal solution should your product require a controlled atmosphere at all times. Whether the part is never allowed to see oxygen, or to simply keep operators safe from dangerous contaminants, a glovebox furnace can greatly simplify an otherwise complicated process. Camco has worked in the past with end-users and glovebox manufacturers to retrofit our standard model G furnaces into completed turnkey systems.

The end result is a one of a kind machine that is built exactly to the customers' needs and specifications, and is ready for production. If this option interests you, simply review the capabilities of the standard model G furnaces, and inform a Camco representative of your special requirements.

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