Camco Furnace! Visit us as 1017 Bransten Rd. Unit A, San Carlos CA 94070 USA! +1-650-593-1064
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Please feel free to fill out the inquiry form below, or simply give us a call, email or stop by if you have any questions. Our friendly engineers are always available to help out new and returning customers with anything they may need.

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For test runs, we can usually schedule time in our test furnaces as fast as you can get the parts to us. Camco will typically perform one test-run for free, and a modest charge for additional process engineering to proof a new process.

Furnaces currently In-House have the following capabilities:
•High Vacuum (1e-6 torr) to 1400° C
•Wet/Dry Hydrogen to 1600° C
•Partial Pressure (1e-2 to 5 torr), argon or forming gas [H5N] to 1600° C

For questions and general sales inquiries, please gather as much information as possible about your needs and contact:

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Do not hesitate to call for any reason. +1-650-593-1064

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