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About Our Company

Camco Furnace has been a quality OEM since 1984. Please take some time to read more about our knowledgeable and friendly company.

We have recently moved! Our new address is:

1017 Bransten Rd. San Carlos, CA

Camco is building out an all new cutting-edge warehouse and manufacturing facility. We are no longer located on Industrial Rd. but we are still in San Carlos, California, conveniently one half mile from our previous location.

Camco was founded in 1984, and later Incorporated to fill needs in the area of ceramic to metal and brazing technology as applied to electron tubes and similar devices. Our business has centered on the manufacture of automatic, batch type, reducing atmosphere and vacuum coldwall furnaces and turnkey high vacuum systems.

Camco Furnace supplies equipment to laboratories as well as manufacturing facilities. Customers routinely rely on many of our furnaces to determine process parameters and reproducibly manufacture components and sub assemblies.

Evidence of our equipment value is in the large percentage of repeat orders from such well-known customers as:
• L3 Communications
• Sandia National Labs
• CPI Microwave Power Division
• Excelitas Optoelectronics
• Phillips LTI
• Xoft Microtube
• Elcon Precision

Camco Furnace is dedicated to providing the best possible equipment value and support service to help you accomplish your process needs. Our background in the ceramic-metal industries enables us to assist in the process evaluation. On occasion, we have offered approaches resulting in substantially improved yields. Our unique modular concept enables us, in an efficient way, to supply equipment optimized for your intended use.

Ongoing sensitivity to the requirements of the electron tube and semiconductor industries directs us toward development of next generation products.

We keep our model B 1600° hydrogen furnace (and occasionally a model G 1200° high vacuum furnace) on site for test evaluation of customer parts. This allows potential customers to test and operate our furnace to experience the ease of programming, temperature uniformity and control.

Each of our furnaces are hand built by skilled employees. We at Camco are proud of our long term employees (12 years average!) Camco is located in San Carlos, CA, USA, twenty miles south of San Francisco, in the heart of “Silicon Valley”. We take advantage of the local technology to produce technically advanced, quality equipment at very competitive prices. Our equipment is used throughout the US and abroad, in countries such as England, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Germany and other international hubs for technology.

Our company is small enough to react quickly to our customers’ needs and knows the value of keeping your equipment up and running in a production environment. We have been in business for over 30 years. We look forward to becoming your supplier of high temperature and high vacuum equipment.

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Our in-shop welder working on a water cooled pump-neck for a Model J High Vacuum Furnace

An 80 port pump and backfill station

An open G furnace chamber with loaded part and survey thermocouple

Open chamber on a 1600 degree Model J Hydrogen Furnace with computer controls

assembling a J furnace hot zone

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