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Controller Screen Examples

PLC Touchscreen Contollers

As of 2021, Camco Furnace has fully launched a standard line of touchscreen HMI/PLC controllers for all of its furnaces. These new components boast many advancements and quality-of-life upgrades compared to the previous controller schema. These new PLC/HMI controllers were developed 100% in-house and are completely optimized for use in Camco furnaces. Most major features are now available standard and always without subscriptions or hidden costs.

Touchscreen Combination G Furnace

Intuitive User Interfaces
Takes all guesswork out of equipment operation

Camco's decades of industry experience have allowed them to design the best possible controller for their machines. Commonly used functions are presented clearly and concisely without the added bloat from off-the-shelf solutions that are meant for universal applications. Industry specific techniques are built-in and easy to understand. Standard hardware and software configurations allow for simple updating, to ensure all furnaces can be running the most up-to-date versions regardless of vintage.

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Dynamic Displays
Increase efficiency and reduce mistakes

View relevant information for your current process or operation for more confident programming and operation. Overcome limitations of microprocessors and legacy PLC-based controls with intuitive graphical user interfaces.

Two Heating Zone hydrogen furnace, computer controlled

Helpful Popups and Screens
Tools for process engineering

Quickly keep track of the most relevant data points in real time to aid in optimizing processes. Other helpful screens include preventative maintenance trackers, event and operator logs, and a highly tunable control panel.

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