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Custom manifold for a high vacuum pump station being fed through a bake-out oven

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Check out some of our equipment in action

Camco J12-18x48 Furnace

A fully-featured Hydrogen and High-Vacuum furnace with Camco's new Standard Touchscreen Controller. 18x48 inch Work Zone.

Camco B16 Metallizing Wet Hydrogen Furnaces

A row of B16 metallizing furnaces at a customer's facility. These furnaces have been in daily operation for over 30 years.

Nearly every Camco machine ever built since 1985 is still in daily use and operation.

B 2000 hot zone tungsten mesh element

A tungsten mesh heating element for our 2000°+ model B hot zone. While more expensive, these mesh style elements are more robust than sheet elements and typically last much longer.

Timelapse footage of a cusil braze in wet hydrogen in a front-loading model 'G' furnace, as seen through our standard sight-port

Camco Furnace Model B16 molybdenum hot zone

A standard B furnace hot zone with molybdenum wire heating elements.

A demonstration of the durability of our heating elements with two different B16 Hydrogen furnaces. These hot zones have been up to 1600°C several times and remains robust. No need to worry about operator error causing a costly and time consuming mistake.

Camco BVAC1700 High vacuum furnace hot zone

Our molybdenum sheet element style hot zone. This furnace has superior temperature uniformity but is not as robust as our more popular moly wire style.

Molybdenum mesh high temperature rack system

A close-up of a high temperature rack made from pure molybednum plates, mesh, all-thread and nuts, with high alumina ceramic spacers.


Ideal wall hookups for most of our furnaces


Large blowoff neck on the rear of a high-pressure hydrogen B Furnace

b hot zone

A hot-zone for a front loading model 'G' Furnace with parts and survey thermocouples. These simple molybdenum hot zones can last decades with proper care.

Camco High Vacuum Furace Chamber, opened

A high vacuum burn-in / degassing station with 8 high-current feedthroughs

B16 Hydrogen Furnace next to a workdesk

Our furnaces are quiet and safe enough to feel comfortable working right along side of

A Top Loading G Furnace Hydrogen and High Vacuum

A Top Loading 1600°C G-Furnace. This furnace is identical to our typical front-loading model 'G' furnace except that it loads vertically rather than horizontal.

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