High temperature tungsten and molybdenum heating zone

Customer Testimonials

"I am very pleased with the operation of the CAMCo Model B-16 and Model J-12 furnaces that you delivered to us this past year. They work great and the braze quality is consistent and uniform. I am convinced that maintenance and operating costs of your furnaces are lower than the retort and pusher furnaces that are currently relied on."

- Jack T.

"We have all of our equipment third party certified and the CAMCo furnaces always pass. As I am in charge of plant maintenance we appreciate the low maintenance and quick supply of spare parts when we need them. The design is simple and easy to work on."

-Brian H.
Excelitas Optoelectronics

"The beauty of CAMCo furnaces are the ease of operation and programming. They are affordable with all the safety interlocks of the larger manufacturers. The aftermarket support and service are outstanding."

-Humberto M.
Precision Ferrites & Ceramics, Inc.

"The support from the CAMCo team was instrumental in achieving our ASM2750 certification. The uniformity of the chamber allows us to maximize our production. We perform several runs per day in our model J-12 furnace."

-Brett D.
ENS Technology

"The furnace is easy to use and program. They are reliable with consistent results. I think the Swing arm hoist and table are very good options. It allows us to lower our heavy rack into the top loading unit."

-Roy R.

"Thank you for your very responsive help and assistance in supplying off the shelf spare parts to get our furnace back into production. Your understanding of the relentless requirements of a small company to keep capital equipment into production is a valuable asset to the excellent product you sell."

-Ron V.
Stellar Industries

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