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A row of G Hydrogen furnaces at a customer's facilities, on top of our optional equipment tables

High Temperature Fixturing

Deciding how to load your parts can be nearly as important as choosing the right furnace itself. Uniform heat distribution can be the difference between running a small batch poorly or larger batches successfully. Camco's expertise in working with refractory metals allows us to build ideal high temperature furniture for our own equipment. We understand that every customer has different needs and can work closely with them to come up with the best possible solutions. See a few of our examples below:

moly fixture for hoist

A heavy-duty molybdenum rack with solid plates and removable lifting eye, for use with our B-16's cable lifting hoist option.

moly tack with perforations for better

Perforated molybdenum plates with handle, excellent thermal conductivity

moly fixture for hoist

A rack full of molybdenum mesh layers, aids in temperature uniformity

moly tack with perforations for better

Bulk molybdenum mesh and corrugated molybdenum and stainless steel, .003"-.010" thick with .125" corrugations

moly all-thread

We regularly carry molybdenum all-thread and nuts up to 1/2"-13

Molybdenum trays, boats, and susceptor shields

Molybdenum box with corrugated sides for stacking and firing thin ceramic plates upright

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