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Camco's Computer Controlled Coldwall Furnaces

Computer Controlled Equipment

Camco works often with customers to find the best possible solutions to new problems. Whether it's non-standard furnace sizes, custom computer-controlled software or even robotically augmented equipment, Camco will build you your dream station. Our expert engineers have been creating customer-specific equipment since the day the company was founded. See a few examples to get an idea of what we are capable of building for you.

Robotic autoloading furnace

Solutions for Bleeding Edge Technology
Custom Equipment to get the job done right

Camco regularly works with customers to find the best possible solution for a new process. Our decades of industry experience and skilled in-house fabricators allow for us to make just about anything that our customers ask for. These solutions often require custom software that we tailor specific to each piece of equipment. Free updates are included and we have the ability to change or add features as the needs arise in the future. Like all Camco equipment, our computer controlled equipment includes free phone and email support.

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Turbo-pumped high vacuum furnaces

Ease of programming
View everything all on one screen

Having all relevant information on a screen at once allows for more efficient programming and reduces mistakes. Overcome limitations of microprocessors and PLC based controls with a keyboard, mouse and intuitive graphical user interfaces. Limited to nothing but your imagination and creativity. Our expert software engineers will build you exactly what you want and need.

Two Heating Zone hydrogen furnace, computer controlled

Dynamic Displays
See exactly what your equipment is doing

A complete graphical user interface of the furnace or pumpstation allows the user to know exactly what is happening intuitively. Reduces operator errors, increases productivity, and makes training a breeze. These displays are extremely helpful for process engineering.

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