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Camco Furnace's coldwall hydrogen and high vacuum equipment

Camco "Combination" Furnaces

For customers requiring a wide array of process types, Camco offers the functionality of both main furnace types (hydrogen and high-vacuum) into the same piece of equipment, all within the same machine footprint. The following furnace run types are available with ONE machine:

•High Vacuum (1e-6 torr)
•Partial Pressure with noble sweep gas (1e-2 to 5 torr)
•Positive pressure (+1/2 PSI) with any mixture of the following:
 → Dry Hydrogen
 →"Wet" Hydrogen (With optional gas humidifier)
 → Nitrogen
 → Noble Gas (Argon or Helium)
 → Work Zones rated for continuous 1200° - 2000° C operation

Save space and money by having the versatility of multiple advanced machines all packaged into one! Kindly navigate to the Hydrogen and Vacuum pages to see the full list of options and furnace sizes. 

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